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Welcome to Woofin Waggin Bred & Biscuit, LLC!

We are a family owned business located in Smiths Creek, Michigan

We specialize in happy, healthy and well socialized American Cocker Spaniel puppies. These kids are members of our family. They live in our home, sleep on our beds, lounge on the couch and go on vacation with us!

We want to share our love of this breed with other families just like ours.....

Come on in and meet our family!



AKA, Morgie Porgie, Mama Girl, Mumsie

DOB: May 28, 2006

Registered ACA

Color: Parti White/Tan

Favorite Activities:  Devouring food, taking long walks on the beach and speaking, "I love you mama!" I enjoy hanging out with my best friend Julie, baking homemade dog bones or any kind of food for that matter !



AKA: Dilly Peppers

DOB: April 2, 2006

Registered AKC, ACA

Color: Tri Brown/Tan/White

Favorite Activities: I love chasing butterflies, bunnies, birds and skunks! I especially love running through the fields on Prince Edward Island and hanging out with my best friend, Dean.

I was born in Kansas and am a true Cowboy at hand! I love country music and watching dancing with the stars.



AKA: Princess

DOB: June 30, 2006

Registered AKC, ACA

Color: Red

Favorite Activities:  I enjoy lying on the couch and having my tummy rubbed by my BFF Tyler. I sneak upstairs when no one is looking to sleep in Tyler's bed. 

I like to be treated like a princess. I am spoiled-I know it and LOVE it!



AKA: Bubbs, Bubbzie, Buzzie

DOB: June 20, 2007

Registered APR, ACA

Color: Buff

Favorite Activities: I love playing fetch, "if you can’t play with the Big Dogs, get off the field."

I love surfing, hanging with my best friend Ryan and eating!

"Hang 10 dudes!"



We miss you everyday and you will always be in our hearts!

AKA: Mag Pie, Maggzie doodle, Baby Girl

DOB: December 29, 2009-January 2, 2014

Registered AKC, ACA

Color: Black

Favorite Activities:  I love playing with my best friend Dillon. My mom says I have turned into a lovely lady. She also says that I have the most beautiful puppies. I still like to annoy the other dogs at times...just because I can!


AKA: Doodle Bug, Dudzie and Speedy

DOB: August 5, 2012

Registered AKC, ACA

Color: Buff/Blonde

Favorite Activities:  I love sitting, sleeping and hanging out with my new mama. My daddy says I am one of the cutest puppies he has ever seen. I like chasing my tail and playing paw in the air. I love to run around the house when my mommy calls me speedy. Then I jump up on my mommy and rub my face all over hers!


AKA: Piglet, Pig, Piggers

DOB: December 29, 2012

Registered: ACA

Color: Merle

Favorite Activities:  I love my new family! I especially like Morgan because we both love food! Mommy says I am turning into a very beautiful little girl. Everyone who sees me thinks I am adorable! (except for the cats, they just hiss at me!


AKA: Emmie , Tweety girl

DOB: December 11, 2013

Registered AKC, ACA

Color: Black and Tan with White Markings

Favorite Activities: Biting my brothers tail, Head diving into snow and sleeping with my Daddy!


AKA, Chubbers, Boo Boo, Bubbs Jr.

DOB: December 11, 2013

Registered AKC, ACA

Color: Black with White Markings

Favorite Activities:  Cuddling with my new Mommy, Sleeping and following my Mommy where ever she goes!


DOB: January 30, 2014

Registered AKC

Color: Buff

Favorite Activities:  Hangin with my brother Hershey, playing in the back yard and boating with my family the Barney's.


Future Stud

DOB: December 14, 2015

Registered AKC

Color: Black and Tan with White Markings

Favorite Activities: Going to work with my Mommy, Playing with my Dad ,Brodie and my uncle Hershey. I love to chew on their ears and tails!


AKA, Peanut, Mini Dudes,Baby Doodie Bug

DOB: 6/1/2016

Registered AKC,CKC

Color: Black

Favorite Activities: cuddling with my Mommy, Taking food out of my mommy's mouth, irritating my Aunt Emmie and hanging off my Mommy and Daddy's ears.

PEI 2006

Thanks for checking us out! Come back soon.

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