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48"Dog Bed
36" Dog Bed
30" Bed
Beds are either Oval, Square or Rectangular.   Beds are machine washable.  I do sew around the bed to prevent dogs or puppies from pulling the stuffing out.  I leave a small opening 3-4 ties for future re-filling if necessary.   In most cases there are matching blankets, toys and scarfs.  I also make jackets!
Embroidery available at an additional cost.  I can embroider on Blankets, Towels, Quilts, Sweatshirts, Coats and many other items.  I have lots of designs and can purchase others.  Check out a few blankets and a towel below:
The above blankets are finished at approximately 28 inches long x 52 inches wide (1 yard of each  material)  I can purchase just about any purebred design. 

1 yard blanket  $40.00 or 2 for $60.00
2 yard blanket $50.00 or 2 for $80.00
Prints Vary call or e-mail for available prints.                

Dog Chew/Tug of war toys